July 30, 2012
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Destination weddings and weddings held at special event centers are very popular now.  So often we are asked to travel to where the wedding party is staying or the wedding is being held.  So we must charge a travel fee. The reason for this for the time. For the  salon this requires many more hours of packing, unpacking, and driving to that destination. This is time taken away from our regular guests at our salon. Most of the time we have to close our business for a whole day.  That being said; we want this day to be effortless and fun for you, the bride. So  I wish to share some thoughts I have to help you make your wedding day more relaxed and more organized.

First there seems to be a casualness with  having the professionals come to you. This  is wonderful but quite often the party looses track of time and then there is  a mad rush to get hair and make-up done. I have found that the bride and mother of the bride get their hair done last quite often.  They are the most important women on the wedding day, therefore they should be first!  The maid or matron of honor should be third; this way, the bride can start getting dressed even if the rest of the bridal party is not finished.

Please be respectful of your professional’s time also.  You are paying us a lot of money to create beautiful hair and make-up.  Waiting for members of your party to arrive, showing up with long wet hair is a no-no.

Here are some guidelines:

Long hair should be clean, dry, and have some product in it. (gels or foam) If hair is extremely curly use a product that gives some texture and cuts down on frizz. Please have it dried. To dry curly hair with a diffuser on the day of the wedding could take an unplanned extra hour.

Shorter hair that will have no pinning can be freshly shampooed and damp to wet. We do not shampoo unless we are in our salon.

I encourage you to having a solid timeline. This relaxes the bride and allows her to enjoy her day more.

Make sure you wear a button-up shirt when getting an up-style. You won’t want to ruin the masterpiece by trying to pull a shirt over your head when it comes time to put your dress on.  An alternative for many bridal parties are purchased matching robes they have found on Etsy to wear while they prepare for the wedding.

Make sure you have a can of hair spray, bobby pins and hair pins that match your hair color, and a curling iron. After we have left there could be a mishap!

Offer to allow the stylists to take a couple pictures for their albums. It is a nice way to show your appreciation and help grow their wedding business.

We are always appreciative of you allowing us to be part of this very special day!



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