Meet Nancy

If your days feel long and draining, self-care is not only a pick-me-up but a genuine lifesaver. Are you ready to leave the salon energized and ready to take on the world?
Yes, I see you. You’re a pillar of strength for your clients, your patients, your family, and anyone else who needs you. Sometimes you simply need someone who’s there for you so you can keep on keeping on.

Hi. That’s me — Nancy Mason-Allen. Welcome to Sogno Salon.
As your stylist and confidante, I bring a sophisticated approach rooted in experience and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of your hair. I understand your hair’s journey through every life stage.

You’ll leave my chair recharged and with hair that screams with confidence, “Do you know who you’re dealing with?” to everyone in your path.

I honed my skills at the Vidal Sassoon Academy and the American Board of Colorists and under the guidance of industry giants like Nick Arrojo and Beth Minardi. With that level of training and armed with an Art degree, I bring a unique blend of trained precision and creativity to my hairdressing that few stylists have.

Not only am I a platform artist for hair companies and the Cosmetologist Association, but I’m also an educator. In my salon, I train apprentices, and I have been dragging young stylists to NYC, London, LA, and Boston for education since ’77.

Trends? I know them. They’re not my focus.

Instead, I create modern, unique looks that echo your individuality — all grounded in the science and art of total hair health. Whether you’re after a master color, a precision cut, or a personalized style, I’m here to guide your hair’s journey so you can focus on being a force of nature.

You’ll leave Sogno thinking, “Yes! That! She gets me.”

Ready to experience the transformative power of confidence and fabulous hair? Start your journey at Sogno Salon today — book your appointment with me, and let’s create something beautiful.

There’s more to me than hair:
I’m a city-loving country girl, passionate about animals, especially my horses and other rescue animals at Coming Home Farm. While I love the city’s vibrancy, I cherish the peace of my farm.

Like the famous shirt says:

I love NY. Everything about it — the food, the museums, the theater, the noise, the people. Its energy is contagious.

While a single mom, I went back to college to earn a B.A. in Art. I bring that art into my hair world.

Spill it — I love to listen as you fill me in on everyone and everything going on in your life. And I’m all ears for your stories, so let’s chat!