I’ve been seeing Nancy for many years now. Initially, she worked on updating my style and color while keeping my hair healthy. And when I decided to let me grey hair shine, she worked with me through that process, such that I never looked two-tone, but always a gradual process, getting compliments from both friends and strangers all along the way. She’s talented, expert, respectful, and dedicated to her career, bringing style and beauty to midcoast Maine.


Best salon and stylists ever. I won’t go anywhere else.


I had my first visit to Sogno Salon this week and was very impressed! I had scheduled an appointment with Nancy for a consultation and I was warmly greeted upon my arrival and Nancy was very welcoming! I was asked to fill out a brief questionnaire about my hair and products ,etc I use. I thought this was an excellent idea and most helpful both to me and Nancy! No salon I have ever been to has thought to do that….kudos to Sogno Salon for taking the time to be so interested! My consultation with Nancy exceeded my expectations! She really listened!!! and spent a long time with me helping me to figure out what would be best for my hair! I was beyond pleased! I have an appointment scheduled to go back for me to get the cut we decided on……can’t wait


Sogno Salon is a relaxed and cozy atmosphere where you are given the stylist’s complete focus…you are encouraged to to explain your experiences thus far and what you’re looking for with your current visit. I never felt rushed, and felt very comfortable and confident in Nancy’s ability, as she described just enough of her artistic, educated and individualized plan for me. I knew I was in good hands and that she would bring out the best in her design of my hair. She makes you feel that she is your ally, who cares as much about your hair as you do! I was completely satisfied with my cut and style, felt far better than when I went in, and made another appointment before I left.