December 30, 2012
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Looking back at this wonderful year…

First, our wonderful team.

Laura Collard who has been with us almost since the beginning. Laura is a very talented stylist. She has that attitude that there will never be enough education. Her thirst for knowledge and always wanting to improve her craft makes her the most wanted stylist in our area.  She won the Peoples Choice Stylist of the year award for Knox county! Laura also completed the Color Certification class required by Sogno Salon.  As well as advanced education held in NY, Boston, Portland, Chicago, and LA.

Jenn Baca joined our team before she had graduated Capilo Cosmetology school. Jenn came in on Saturdays as part of out training program that we mandate all new stylists to complete before they may work on our clients. Jenn gives her all to her career.  She is very serious  about being the best at what she does. She never misses an opportunity for education. Jenn also completed the Color Certification class required by Sogno Salon.  Jenn attended classes in NY, Boston, and Portland.

Megan Siegenthaler , our salon coordinator, left us this year. Megan is still  in the background, assisting us with reports, inventory. and producing our monthly newsletter. Megan was instrumental in setting up our computer, inventory, most of our systems and organized our events.

Donna Capato  joined us recently as our full time receptionist. Donna is a native New Yorker who has a background in running salon front desks. She has a degree in writing, and has been a copy editor. She brings a great sense of humor and patience to her position.

Bri Widdecomb is our Saturday desk person. Bri is in our mentoring program as she has an interest in one day being a cosmetologist. She was a great assistant at The Union Fair Wild Blueberry Pageant.

So many miles traveled for education, making young woman beautiful in pageants, two Ambush Make-overs, and more great clients have joined us. And the “Dream” continues!

May your dreams be in color,


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