August 2, 2012
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What is all the fuss about? Spend mucho dollars on a tool for hair? The answer is maybe.Everyone asks me “Which flat iron is the best?”.

Plate width is important
Determine which plate width you need – one inch does not fit all. Not all irons come in all sizes so this can help you narrow down your selection.

Fixed or variable temperature settings?
Flat irons come in fixed or variable temperature settings. The type that works best for you depends on your hair’s texture and your styling needs. My personal preference is a variable setting – I like control. (you all know that!)

Is your hair thin, delicate, damaged or fine? Choose a flat iron with a variable temperature setting so you can control the heat and keep the iron from getting too hot.

Is your hair thick and hard to straighten? A higher temperature would be a good choice for you so you can crank up the heat on those pesky pieces that just won’t straighten.

Curling hair with a flat iron?
Most flat irons today will create curls, but (ahem) the curls are only as good as the user who creates them Ask us to teach you.

What about this Ceramic Technology?

Almost all professional grade flat irons , curling irons and even blow dryers are Ceramic and Ionic these days. This technology is important in generating negative ions to smooth the hair cuticles. NONE of the flat iron plates are 100% Ceramic. They are infused with Ceramic (and/or other materials) to straighten and smooth the hair.

Some older, lesser quality flat irons are pure Aluminum. These irons are usually referred to as the “drugstore variety” and do not contain Ceramic. This is why you notice a huge difference when you upgrade to a pricier iron – the addition of Ceramic/Ionic. What’s so great about ionic activity?

Everyone’s hair carries a positive electrical charge that is caused by dryness. Over time, this positive charge increases, and as your hair becomes drier, more hair cuticles open, creating ‘ragged’ unhealthy looking (and feeling) hair that is difficult to style, and let’s be honest, looks like it has seen better days. Enter the flat iron, or even the hair dryer that creates negative ions.

When the flat iron or hair dryer is heated, negative ions are created. The negative ions created by the appliance cancel out the positive hair charges, and while you glide down your hair with the iron, or blow dry, you smooth down those ragged open hair cuticles. Viola… healthier looking hair

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