Understanding Our Salon’s Pricing Levels

Our salon’s pricing structure offers clients the opportunity to experience our services at pricing levels that best suit your needs.

We have three levels, Junior, Senior, and Master Levels.  The Junior level is a stylist who has recently graduated from cosmetology school and has completed out training program. Jenn Baca is our JS.  Jenn was a star student in cosmetology school. Working hard and always one step ahead. Her art background( she has shown in galleries around Mid Coast Maine) came in to play. She now turns her artist talents into great hair as our newest member of Sogno’s team.

Our Senior Stylists are hairstylists who have completed at least 250 hours of continuing education through in-salon training and attendance at approved education based hair classes.  Generally our SS’s have completed at least one year at the JS level. Laura Collard has been in our SS level for two years. Laura’s background immediately moved her into our SS Level two years ago. Now, Laura has completed another 200 hours of education and is in high demand for her services. Laura has great passion for hair and believes education is the key to great hair.

Master Stylists  are hairstylists who have excelled in at least two of our three requirements for a level increase.   They have mastered the most up-to-date cut and color techniques and they have the ability to teach these techniques to  our staff.  A MS  must have built a great reputation as a hairstylist in the community.  A MS in our salon takes appointments by request only. These are the most sought after hairstylist in the salon not only because of their very advanced education level but also because of their well known reputation in the community. Nancy Mason-Allen  was voted Stylist of the Year 2011 for Knox County and is the owner and Master Stylist,

These levels are the result of the stylists achievements, their experience within our salon, knowledge of the business, and level of advanced training they have received. Stylists at higher levels have established a higher demand for their time and services, so a promotion to a higher level is awarded for a  career advancement.