New Years Message from Nancy

I want to thank all our clients for your loyalty and support this past year.  Perhaps all of you know Sogno Salon means Dream Salon.  There is another part of my dream that I would like to share with you. I structured Sogno with a stylist level system. This allows us to bring in a young stylist and train her/him to do  great cuts and colors while being supportive and making great educational experiences available.  A big part of my dream is that if any of our clients feel a need to leave one particular Sogno Stylist that client would feel comfortable trying anyone else on staff. We work together as a team. That is so important to my dream.  We are happy to have you to work with  anyone of us. That’s our mission and philosophy.

Clients leave salons because of many reasons: beauty budget, time, or just need a change.  I know that. I hope we have created a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere where you will all wish to stay at Sogno and perhaps try us all out! I invite any of my personal clients to try Laura or  Lindsey. As busy as we have become there will undoubtedly be other new stylists to try also. All clients hopefully feel free to ask for any of us. First and foremost  you are Sogno Clients here because:  We Listen, We Teach, We Care.

May the  year 2012 be full of success, happiness and GREAT hair,