April 15, 2014
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Yes, there is good etiquette for a haircut. If as  a client you wish to receive the best haircut then let us explain how it works.  The first thing is of course communication. You may bring pictures. It is very helpful. A picture of yourself 20 years before? Remember you and your hair has probably changed. And do you really want to look like that again?

You had the best haircut you ever had in Paris, but why? It’s the why the haircut worked not where that you need to communicate. By the time you have expounded on your Paris hairstylist we know we are never going to make you happy. Could you just have been in love with Paris?

Keeps your hands out of your hair after the stylist starts cutting. Would you stick your hands in the middle of anyone else’s work.  Chef, nail technician, painter? It’s frustrating, it moves the sectioning making it difficult to cut and distracts your stylist. And it’s just darn rude! Keep your head straight and legs uncrossed. Your body position is very important.

If you are so worried that you have to be in control of each little snip you will NEVER get a great haircut. Go to a trusted stylist that has good references. Talk about your feelings, dreams and fears in the beginning. Then sit back and enjoy the time. Your  stylist wants only the best for you and probably can give you that Paris cut. If you put your hands in your lap.

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