September 4, 2011
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Hey Nancy…I need your help! I’m looking for a hairspray that drys fast and I can use to texturize or shape my layers the way I want them?? Any suggestions??

You need more than one product! There are texturizing products- cremes, pastes, and waxes. After you dry your hair with your favorite styling product,(mousse, gel, or a creme)  use the texturizing product, working from underneath to detail the ends and build up some volume at the scalp area. Then you use spray to hold. My most favorite products for styling are by Aquage. On your hair I would use Aquage Defining Gel on wet hair, Detailing Creme on dry hair, and Finishing spray to finish.

Aquage products do not build up, are healthy for your hair and great for colored hair. They make lots of shine!

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