The Salon The Dream


Nancy has run salons all her working life. But somehow, at this place, in this time, it’s all coming together.

High skills, high tech, high touch.

She has found people who are intelligent, passionate about keeping our skills … our styles … honed and fresh. And friendly. Yes, this is Rockland, Maine.
We’re proud to offer urban creds without the attitude. For good reason: If you’re intimidated, you’re not going to get the hair you want.

We know where to put the money. Tools count. (To get perfect coloring, you must have perfect lighting. Did you know that?) And while the salon feels luxurious, it’s an affordable luxury.

You may suspect …. No problem. We admit it. Behind the scenes, we’re fussy, obsessive and driven.

Why? Close your eyes. Imagine yourself saying … “I just love my hair.”

You’re smiling now, aren’t you?

That’s why we bother.

Sogno means dream. (The Italians say “sawn-yo.”)

We invite you to visit our Lather Lounge.  Sogno shampoos are a relaxing experience for men and women.  You’ll enjoy the gentle music and lighting.

Sogno has installed the new Freestyle Blowdryers Systems. Invented to end the pain of suffering stylists, this breakthrough dryer support system WILL prolong the careers of stylists while providing the ideal experience for clientele. The Freestylist eliminates the unsettling delays in service as stylists fight to manage the blow dryer.  Freestyle systems have been featured in Extreme Makeover Home Edition with Ty Pennington as well as used on the television series “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover”.

Even newer is the Spectralite (registered trademark) lighting system.  Found in less that one half of one percent of salons, Spectralite uses  specially developed and engineered LED lighting technology to provide the most color accurate light source currently available.  Spectralites use a small fraction of the electricity of conventional lighting and much less than even new compact fluorescent.  Spectralites are a proven invaluable tool for obtaining best hair color results.