The Color

Fabulous hair color does not come by chance or a box from the grocery store. The only way to achieve truly spectacular hair color every time is through the skill and creativity of a trained colorist.  At Sogno  Salon our colorists have received advanced training in all aspects of hair color. Everything from in-depth color consultation, to highlights, to complex color corrections. All color formulas are discussed with the master colorist. Our team of dedicated colorists will discover the color that makes your hair look beautiful! They will provide you with a look that complements your lifestyle and enhances your skin tones.  We also do designer cuts and styles too.

Color Prices

Junior/Junior2          Stylist Top Senior Master
Basic Color $48/57                   $68 $94 $110
Dimensional Color na $100&up $115& up
Balayage/Ombre na/66& up              $66& up $90& up $100& up
Double Process na/144                   $144 $170 $180
Toner or Glazing $25 & up
Full Highlight or Lowlight $57/67                   $82 $138 $180
Partial Foils $28/33 & up           $39& up $57 & up $62 & up
Single Foil $6& up
Men’s Color $40-48                   $56 $94 $100
Corrective Color Estimate with consultation and contract
Haircut & Styling is extra as is long hair.

*Notice: Pricing levels are based on the expertise of the hair stylist, not the age of the client.